IonicPro™ Electric Ionic Hairbrush Negative Ions Anti-Frizz


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IonicPro™ Seals and smoothes split ends and makes your hair stronger, softer and shinier. IonicPro™ reduces drying time, minimizes heat damage, eliminates frizz, relaxes the scalp and reduces stress. Exclusive Round Comb Teeth Design effectively solves hair knotting and tangling whilst gently massaging your scalp as you brush.

The IonicPro™ Built-in negative ion generator floods your hair with rich negative ions which are continuously sent out from the negative ions emission port so that every time you brush 12 million/ cm3 of ions are released providing antistatic, eliminating frizz and locking in conditioner, reducing electrostatic hair issues and help you regain youthful hair strength and shine.

Compact size and portability of IonicPro™ make the brush comfortable to hold and to use and easy to carry in your handbag, glove box or pocket and use it at anywhere and anytime. It is believed that long-term use can also reduce hair loss and relieve headaches.


  1. For anyone that wants beautiful frizz-free hair in minutes.
  2. So easy, so portable and a pleasure to use.
  3. Use at home, at work, on vacation,  even a  night out!
  4. Use the power of Ionic technology to make looking good SO EASY!
  5. Use on the go with super-convenient cordless battery operation.


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Item Type: Electric Ionic Hairbrush

Model Number: IonicPro

Product Name: IonicPro™

Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel

Color: Pink or Black.