MopMatic™ Floor Mop Set Automatic Bucket Microfiber Cleaning System


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 Introducing the MopMatic™ Microfiber Cleaning Floor Mop Set, the fastest, easiest and best way to clean tiles, laminate floors, hardwood floors, linoleum, stone or terrazzo.

The ingenious wringer system removes 90% of water and dirt, allowing you to clean the floor quickly and have it dry in seconds.







Brand Name: MopMatic™
Material: ABS
Absorption: <10 seconds
Component Type: Plastic Basket + Plastic Pedal
Packaging: With 1 Mophead
Dehydration Rate: <40%
Wringing Method: Folding Type
Mop Rod Type: General Rod + Stainless Tray
Shape: Rectangle
Handle Type: Foldable
Weight: <2kg
Mop Head Material: Synthetic Cloth
Pole Material: Plastic
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Feature: Fast Cleaning Fast Drying
Mophead Quantity: 1
Model Number: Folding mop